Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The ICT Lab at Musabe Pre and Primary School is equipped with modern computers with the latest softwares. The lab has enough computers for each pupil and one projector, where the pupils are taught computer literacy skills.

All pupils from P1 to P7 have an access to the ICT lab each week with a specialist teacher. They are encouraged to express their creativity while learning and consolidating new skills. 

In P1,P2 and P3, the emphasis in ICT is on hand-eye co-ordination and basic computer skills. The pupils use various drawing tools and they select and move objects. They match pictures, group objects together and as they learn to read and write, they work more with text.

From P 4 to P7, the pupils work in Microsoft Office – Word, PowerPoint and Excel. By the time they leave P7 they are computer literate. They have a good working knowledge of word processing, creating presentations and using simple spreadsheets.

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